Port Tobacco-Tony Rice  

Tony Rice's Solo:

"Port Tobacco" is an instrumental track off of Tony Rice's album "Me and My Guitar." This tune will be familiar to jazz players, as it is a contra-fact of the well known jazz standard "There Will Never Be Another You," albeit, in the key of A major. 

Rice primarily uses the scales of A major, F # minor (with b5 passing tone). Unlike most jazz musicians, Rice doesn't use many exotic scales; he has his own way of making a tune unique through his unnerving sense of time and tonal quality. 

Certain phrases to take note of appear at measures 5 and 20, which are familiar motifs that Rice uses throughout his career to outline a minor chord. Try shifting these phrases to different keys to get their full effect. Another phrase to notice is at measure 24, which is a 3 note descending pentatonic figure that pops up on countless Rice recordings (most notably "Manzanita"). 

One thing to pay attention to is the placement in my transcription of where these lines fall on the fingerboard. I've seen many Rice transcriptions which are note-correct, but the location of the fingerings is completely wrong. The way to tell which string a certain note falls on is in the timbre quality. It's hard to miss if you listen carefully. 

Good luck--Don't analyze it too much! I'm sure Rice just uses his ear and innate musical gifts to create these pieces. 

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